Monday, October 30, 2017

Why didn't John Byrne draw X-Men and Alpha Flight?

"Chris [Claremont] had so mishandled scripting Kitty -- who was, after all, my character -- that by the time I left X-MEN I wanted nothing further to do with her.* I'd settled down a bit by the time I drew this group shot, but there is really no significance at all to Kitty looking at the viewer -- except to be "cute".

"Some of you may recall that I was originally asked to work on the X-MEN/ALPHA FLIGHT book, and I said I would on two conditions: neither Chris nor I would have anything to do with the plotting, and Kitty would not be in the book. Both were agreed to by [Jim] Shooter.

"When I received the plot, it was OBVIOUSLY written by Claremont, and Kitty was all over it. When I complained, I was told I was being "unprofessional" and the editor actually HUNG UP ON ME!!"

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