Thursday, March 10, 2016

1985 - Fantastic Four #285

Grabbed from Comic Creators on the Fantastic Four - John Byrne:

>>What's your Favourite FF story by you?"'Hero' in FF #285, the one with the kid who sets himself on fire. I hate the fact that the Beyonder is in it. You look at that issue and you'll notice a woman doctor, Dr. Janet Darlin, is prominent in the first part of it and then suddenly disappears. That's because I was halfway through that issue when Shooter told me it had to be a  Secret Wars Crossover issue and I had to be the Beyonder in it. So the Beyonder got to do what the doctor was supposed to do which was to show Johnny the kid's shrine to the Human Torch. Ralph Macchio once wanted to reprint that story and I actually offered to redo the Beyonder pages for free. I was willing to redraw them and put in the doctor as originally intended."

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