Monday, March 2, 2015

1987 - Anatomy of a cover - Amazing Spider-Man #284

Here's an unused cover for Amazing Spider-Man #284
By Tom Morgan, Ron Frenz, and Joe Rubinstein.

The story behind the unused cover is explained here:

"This nice cover features the Black Costume Amazing Spider-Man on the ground as he is defeated and looked down upon by several key Spider-man foes: Hammerhead; Rose; Jack O' Lantern and The Arranger! AFTER this cover art was drawn.... It was decided by editors that THE HOBGOBLIN should be the main focus of the cover, so they statted this original cover art and moved Hammerhead farther to the right on the cover and covered Spider-Man's image up with a Ron Frenz drawn image of the Hobgoblin! The entire bottom scene of villains, AND Rose / Jack O' Lantern with back left thugs are in their EXACT position on the published cover. The Arranger which was drawn nicely on this can only see his right arm on the comic book image as his image was moved too far to the right on the stat cover to be seen, but he DID make his full appearance on this great cover! More than likely....There is a single Published Hobgoblin drawing floating around somewhere that would be part of this cover.....But in his place....having a full body image DRAWN image of SPIDER-MAN in his BLACK COSTUME is not too bad to have on an Amazing Spider-Man cover. Just a great cover! "


  1. Very nice! I like the unused cover by Frenz a lot. I remember this storyline well.... Ended with the reveal of Ned Leeds being the Hobgoblin if I remember correctly.

  2. I wonder what the story behind the choise for the second cover is. I guess in the second cover it is more clear that it's gangsters against gangsters instead of gangsters versus Spidey.

  3. Oh, never mind. The answer is here:

  4. Hey Michael, thanks for sharing that link!



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