Tuesday, February 10, 2015

1982 - Anatomy of a Cover - Fantastic Four #248


  1. Possibly dumb question...what did they do to put the lettering on there?

  2. I believe it's a simple cut and paste of paper that the letterer drew up.

  3. (First comment seems to have disappeared. Sorry for the repost.)
    Pre-internet, my brother and I put together our own comics in our free time. All of the elements that a reader sees on the mainstream comic book page were drawn by us as a complete, as-close-to-polished product. It took about 4-6 months to complete an 22-page issue on standard ruled notebook paper, including an editorial comment page. If we knew how real comics were put together we would have used twice the amount of paper, which would have probably induced our mom to shut us down. By the time I was able to buy my own computer that would have made making comics easier, I'd developed writer's block and was devoting my resources with coping with life after high school.

  4. Hey Carthell, thanks for dropping by!



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