Thursday, January 1, 2015

1984 - Anatomy of a Cover - West Coast Avengers #1


  1. Happy New Year!

    Always enjoyed this cover. Any cover that includes a guessing game on it was always a winner for me. I remember predicting all the members correctly, based on the corner-box silhouettes, which wasn't that hard since three of the four had already been used as corner box icons before (so you just had to flip to the old Marvel Universe Avengers entry to find a match) and the only new silhouette looked a lot like the boss's wife...

    Of the red herring floating heads, I remember the one that intrigued me the most was Doc a time when every powerhouse had taken a "strong guy" slot on a team somewhere, he'd never been part of any team...and the psychiatrist angle (as well as not really being a fighter) would have made for some interesting character interaction and development.

    This post is my first official internet business of 2015, so thanks for giving me an excuse to kick off the year on a fun note!

    david p.

  2. Hey David, Happy New Year! I would have loved to have seen Hercules or Doc Samson on the team. ROM would have been fun too.

  3. Yes, one of my all-time favorite covers, too! When comics were FUN!


  4. Did you notice that the artist's note to the colorist was to color Hawkeye's ears the same as his mask, but if you look at the final cover, they totally ignored the note.

  5. Ha! I never noticed that before, thanks for pointing it out!

  6. Funny...the floating heads make me think how much more interesting a line-up they could've assembled! Great cover.

    Too bad reprints have to white out Rom.

  7. I love this type of cover with the headshots. This is one of my favorite Avengers cover. Some curious things about this cover:
    1) Is my imagination or in the original art, under the Avengers Assemble blurb, does it seems to be something? Another headshot?
    2) What do you think about no Spider-Woman headshot?
    3) Why taking out Dazzler from the cover? You can guess her facial make-up under the white out to transform her into Lindsay McCabe, partner of Jessica Drew!

    1. Hey Manuel, thanks for stopping by.
      1) I would agree, it does look like a headshot.
      2) Wasn't Spider-Woman powerless at that point?
      3) Not sure.

  8. Do you have a better resolution of the original cover to try to identify the hidden headshot? Where did you find the original cover? The autor? The actual owner? I have tried to find it in other online sources with no results.



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