Wednesday, June 4, 2014

1989 - Paragon Software - Doctor Doom's Revenge

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The evil genius Dr. Doom has stolen a U.S. nuclear missile, and now threatens to detonate it over New York City if his demands aren't met. The United States government knows it only has one chance. Actually, two chances: the Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America. In this unique, interactive comic-book adventure, you guide Spider-Man and Captain America through Doctor Doom's fortified castle, where danger lurks in each dark corridor.

Game Features:
* Varying levels of difficulty keep the game challenging for novices and experienced players.
* An actual comic book that details the events leading up to the start of the game.
* A detailed manual, with an introduction by Stan Lee that includes the history of Marvel Comics and biographies on all the characters that appear in the game.
* Realistic sound effects and exciting music score. Includes: Two 5 1/4" floppy disc IBM PC/XT/AT/PS2, Tandy 1000/3000, and compatibles; a comic book, and instructional manual.


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