Saturday, May 3, 2014

Secret Wars Jam Recreation

Jim Cheung - Hawkeye
Mike Choi - Wolverine
Phil Jimenez - Spider-man
Clayton Henry - Nightcrawler
Steve Kurth - Iron Man 
Clay Mann - Rogue
Mike McKone - Mr. Fantastic 
Ariel Olivetti - Hulk
Brandon Peterson - Cyclops
Dan Panosian - Colossus
Mike Perkins - Captain America
George Perez - Thing
Koi Pham - Wasp
Rafa Sandoval - Spider-Woman (wrong version!)
Brad Walker - Black Widow (Not sure why she was included?)
Mike Zeck - Layout and inspiration

1 comment:

  1. RE: Black Widow... there are some pre-release depictions of the first SW cover that show Kitty Pryde in the spot near Colossus... I presume BW's inclusion is a nod to this abandoned participant...



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