Tuesday, April 22, 2014

1983 - Anatomy of a Cover - Uncanny X-Men #175

By Paul Smith.


  1. Perhaps my single favorite comic book cover of all time....I had been collecting for about 3 months...this cover convinced me to continue.

  2. same timeline for me too MOCK!, i got 173 off the newsstand to start my addiction. At that time to my 11 year old mind the death of Dark Phoenix was a mythic story eons in the past; only now do i comprehend that only three years separated these arcs, and i have food in my teeth older than that. Still amazing that Paul Smith only did ten issues in this run, and is still the defining artist for me.

  3. I just noticed there is some erased material on that board. You can see the "X-Men" logo partially erased where it would've been placed lower on the old format (w/Marvel banner). There's also an erased doodle of Lockheed(?) in the UPC box w/ a text box that says "Purdy." Awesome stuff Jason! Thanks again, keep the hits comin!



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