Monday, March 31, 2014

1980 - Anatomy of a Cover - The Comics Journal #58

From Hari Naidu's Comic Art Fans Gallery

"A little known fact is that the first Miller Elektra cover is actually not the cover to Daredevil #168, but rather the cover to The Comics Journal #58, which came out four months earlier (by cover date) and at least one month earlier by any other measure. In effect, it came out at the same time as DD 166, and clearly then Miller already knew he was taking over the series and already had his brilliant first idea and characterization. In addition, contrary to what if oftentimes quoted, that Miller intended Elektra to be a one-issue wonder, Marvel certainly promoted it as the character would be sticking around for a while. And she did."

Daredevil #168 House Ad

The Comics Journal #58

Original art for both pieces by Frank Miller and Joe Rubinstein.

"The cover is penciled by Miller, inked by Rubinstein, and depicts both DD and Elektra in classic poses, with the Elektra pose somewhat similar to what was to become DD 168 later. This cover image was also used in various Marvel issues in the months prior to DD 168, including Howard the Duck #8, as a house ad promo for DD 168. Elsewhere in this folder I am uploading both the Comics Journal #58 cover as it was published, and the same image used as a House Ad, and calling attention to the upcoming storyline with Elektra. For both of those, the art was cropped so as to highlight the two characters more clearly."
"Before buying this I called up Joe Rubinstein, who is a wonderful inker and also a great guy (and comic art fan!), and asked whether he remembered this cover and anything about it. He of course did recall it, as he was unsure about the female character at the time and had to "call up Miller and ask who the chick was." Pretty cool. Well, I guess we all know who she is now. He also mentioned that at the time he wasn't sure whether he got the costume on the arms done right."
"Short of owning the cover to DD 168, 174-176 or 181, this is as good as it gets for me for Miller DD and Elektra. And in some respects even better. It's not often you get to own the first visualization of such an important character in the Marvel universe, by her creator, at a time when he was just coming into his own. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. And that's a lot!"

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