Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Avengers Team Up With The Uncanny X-Men

The Avengers Team Up With The Uncanny X-Men - In-House Promo Ad (Imaginary commission)

Art: Mitch Ballard
Letters:Christopher Ivy

And homage to:


  1. Love that Titans/Outsiders crossover. What a good story, both artists in their prime. Beautiful diptych cover by Perez.

    Is that Avengers/X-Men a real comic or just an homage commission piece?

  2. Unfortunately, it's only an homage commission piece.

  3. What a shame. When I see a really nice piece I always wish there were a story to go with it. And that I could afford to commission stuff like that!

  4. The only negative things that I see in the comission is the presence of Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau because she belongs to a later era and that after Avengers Annual #10, Ms.Marvel shouldn't be here (she was powerless).Change Ms.Marvel by Wonder Man and Captain Marvel for the Wasp and no problem.



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