Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Avengers vs. The Uncanny X-Men by John Byrne


  1. I love it! How much frustration would Wolverine get from fighting an intangible Vision?


  2. Wow, what a coool what if story in one piece of artwork! Jason, What info do you have on the Wonderman one shot from the 80's? What ever happened with his proposed mini? Kory

  3. Hey Kory, from what I could dig up, it seems that it was just a follow up from the Marvel Premiere issue that spotlighted Wonder Man. DeMatteis apparently proposed a Wonder Man limited series featuring the Grim Reaper, but it was rejected. DeMatteis used the idea to write Kraven's Last Hunt!

  4. My two favourite line-ups of each team, by the best artist of the era, what a great picture.

    It looks like the Avengers have this one hands down (Thor vs. Storm isn't a fair fight) until you notice Phoenix in the background.

    Thanks for posting!
    david p.

  5. the expression on beast's face is the best. you can see how torn he is.



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