Thursday, November 22, 2012

Did anyone else read Amazing Spider-Man #698?

I've only flipped through a few issues of Amazing Spider-Man since they retconned Peter and MJ's marriage. However, this issue was impressive to say the least... And I'm interested in your take if you've read it... 

If you're not interested, here's a summary - SPOILER ahead:

The issue starts off with Doc Ock on death's door (after the events of Ends of the Earth) calling out Peter Parker's name. Spidey is then notified and makes his way leisurely to the Raft where Doc Ock is being held. The Avengers escort him in and Spidey asks for a moment alone, in private with Doc Ock. Peter takes off his mask as Ock gasps "I ... am ... Peter... Parker...". It turns out somehow that Doc has switched minds with Peter stranding Peter in Ock's dying body. That was a cool reveal and the best part was that it forced you to re-read the comic from a totally different perspective. Also, you can't help but wonder how long ago that this switch took place. 
I'm not sure if I'm so desperate for a good Spidey story that I'm willing to be amazed by anything! 

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