Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My favorite Avengers stories

This post on IGN ( on the 25 greatest Avengers stories got me thinking about some of my favorite Avengers stories (and yes, they're a bit biased towards the 1980s, go figure). In no particular order...

  • Knights of Wundagore (Avengers #185-187)
  • Avengers Under Siege (Avengers #273-277)
  • West Coast Avengers (Avengers #250, West Coast Avengers limited series)
  • The Redemption of Hank Pym (Avengers #227-230)
  • Avengers by Busiek and Perez (in particular the Ultron Unlimited story line Avengers (1998) ##19-22 & #0)
  • Spider-Man - An Avenger? (Avengers #236-237)
  • JLA Vs. Avengers
  • The Final Threat (Avengers Annual #8 and Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2)
  • Skrull Civil War (Avengers Annual #14 and Fantastic Four #19)
  • Squadron Sinister (Avengers #70-71)

What about you?


  1. Under Siege - Avengers 273-277
    Even and Android Can Cry - Avengers 57
    This Beachead Earth - Avengers 93 (not a fan of the Kree Skrull War but this issue is exceptional)
    Avengers Vs Count Nefaria - Avengers 164-167
    We Stand at Armageddon - Avengers 67
    Court Martial - Avengers 213
    Avengers Vs Taskmaster - Avengers 194-196

    The Busiek/Perez Avengers run was brilliant. As a whole that would be my favourite run on the title.

  2. Hey Scott, thanks for sharing. A lot of great stuff in there... The cover to Avengers #57 is one of my favourites...

  3. Great lists! Including a few stories that don't get enough love, like Spidey joining the Avengers.

    My list:

    Nefaria trilogy 164-166
    Bride of Ultron 161-162
    Korvac Saga
    Avengers 250
    Trial of Hank Pym 227-230
    Ultron Unlimited
    Under Siege
    Avengers vs. Taskmaster 195-196
    Avengers vs. Squadron Supreme 147-148

    Avengers vs. Grim Reaper and dead Avengers vol. 3 10-11 (okay, I really like this story mainly for George Perez splash pages of all the heroes and villains...)

    probably a bunch of others..! Fond memories abound...

  4. Avengers Defenders War is pretty cool.
    I also like Under Siege.
    Avengers Annual 15/West Coast Annual 1 Vs. Freedom Force.
    New Mutants 40 Avengers Vs. Magneto (Guess it's more of a Magneto story?)
    Hope to get some West Coast trade paperbacks in the next year, but for now my favorite is 69 Hawkeye Vs. U.S.Agent.

  5. I would like to add the following:

    1) The Korvac Saga ( my favorite Avengers story of all time).
    2) The Simonson run , with Kang and Nebula.

    3) Avengers 101 ( the one by Harlen Ellison) involving chess, the Watcher, and Leonard Tippit.

    Be Well

  6. Some great suggestions including some I missed so I'll check them out - Korvac saga would definietly be in the list of my own top stories!

  7. Unless I overlooked it, I do not think anyone mentioned Avengers Forever. I thought that was excellent and so clever.

    Also, I've always thought Assault on Olympus, Avengers #281 - 285 was surprisingly good. Though it wasn't my favorite lineup.

  8. Last Avengers Story (1996 - Peter David & Ariel Olivetti). Highly recommended - it's my favorite.



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