Monday, January 23, 2012

1985 - X-Factor #2 cover

Here's the unpublished version of X-Factor #2 drawn by John Byrne:

Shooter was pissing all over X-FACTOR in those early days. Nothing was good enough to match his “vision”. Not using my cover probably amounted to not a whole lot more than “Because I can.”

And here's the published version featuring art by Mike Zeck:


  1. Man...despite how much respect I have for Byrne's art, I have to admit that Zeck's tweaks all improve it.

  2. They made the right choice tweaking the X-factor costumes. The original ones were clean and simple, but lacking something. Lacking a proper 'X' apparently. It's funny that some of the original versions made it into the Marvel Universe Handbook anyways (Cyclops and Angel I believe)

  3. Wonder why they had it completely redrawn. The costumes could have been adjusted by production to meet the standards. A win either way, of course, but still...



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