Friday, December 17, 2010

Ho Ho Ho - Christmas in the Marvel 1980s

November 1981 - Uncanny X-Men #143
Uncanny X-Men #143
Chris Claremont/John Byrne/Terry Austin
This issue spotlighted Kitty Pryde as she was left on her own in the mansion over the Christmas holidays (as she Jewish). While the story paralleled the movie Alien (1979) with its similar monster and premise, it did successfully employ its cinematic devices, like the heart-pounding climax and the shock ending. The story showcased Kitty's resolve and resourcefulness as she faced such a deadly situation and showed us that she had the wherewithal to be an X-Man.

March 1986 - Spectacular Spider-Man #112
Peter David/Mark Beachum/Pat Redding
A rather insignificant issue that has Spidey come across a Santa Claus burglar and an apparent appearance by the Jolly Old Elf himself. This issue however does have a rather interesting page of MJ in the bathtub and running around in a towel.

May 1989 - Marvel Comics Presents #18
There were two Christmas-theme stories in this issue. One was a fun little She-Hulk romp by John Byrne that it rather fun and hyped up her 1989 ongoing series. The other was an off-beat tale starring the Fantastic Four’s mailman Willie Lumpkin in a twisted version of the Christmas Carol.

Any other Christmas-themed issues I’m missing?


  1. X-Factor #27 - the kids take all their presents to a children's hospital:

  2. My interest in X-men was starting to wane during the Silvestri/Australian Dead X-men era, but I was still moved by #230 where the team sets out to return items stolen by the Reavers to their rightful owners on Christmas Day.

  3. Marvel Team-Up #127, Jason. J.M. was writing his best Gerberesque Twilight Zone take during these times, and if he tugged too insistently on the heart strings...well, I loved him to death in the mid-80s.

    The Hulk meets the Rhino courtesy Bill Jaaska just a little bit into the coming decade in a Christmas story...and as I recall, Reed's putting away his hi-tech tree in FF #242, before Terrax comes to town! Meanwhile, someone's gotten to X-Men #230 I see. Wasn't Xavier accosted by anti-mutant muggers around Christmas in '84? Best I go before I get mixed up by those subscription ads...



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